Can you deliver to my address?
We can deliver anywhere within the UK. We offer free delivery within the Lakes and £8.99 for further afield.

Why can I only order for Friday delivery?
We're still a pretty small team in a pretty small kitchen. Learning how to run a business takes time and we want to focus on ensuring our product is as perfect as possible.

How long will the delivery last?
As soon as you receive your order, put it in the fridge where you can keep it for up to 3 days. Our food is not designed to be frozen. 

What time will I receive my delivery?
Between 9am and 5pm on your selected Friday. Our delivery partner will provide you with a more accurate time once they've picked up your deli box from us. Your delivery will need to be signed for, so please ensure you are at home to receive it- we would hate for it to go to waste!

Can I freeze any of the food?
We wouldn’t recommend freezing any of the food, as the quality will be affected. 

I have dietary requirements – how do I make you aware of these?
All allergen information is available on our website with each product. If you are ordering for an event, please detail these in the dietary requirements box before placing your order.

How much cooking / preparation work is required?
This varies from dish to dish. All components are packed separately and are prepared as much as possible beforehand. All meal dishes come with recipe cards and cooking instructions. 

Tell me more about your packaging. Is it sustainable?

Plastic- All of our plastic packaging can be recycled. If you do not have a plastic recycling bin, please contact your local council for more information on this or visit recyclenow.com to find your nearest centre. 

White tray containers- Our trays are fully compostable. Cut them up into pieces, add them to your composter and don’t forget to turn them every few months and water. If you do not have a composter, these can also be disposed of with paper recycling. Please contact your local council for more information. 

Outer packaging- The box your order arrives in and the wool lining are provided by WoolCool.The box can be recycled with other paper recycling as directed by your local council. The WoolCool liners can be reused or recycled at home. The wool is full of nitrates so is fantastic for use in the garden. Just tear it up into pieces and add it to your flowerbed. Additionally, you can also get creative with WoolCool wool and use it for arts and crafts. For more information, please visit their website here or you can search the hashtag #letsboxclever on instagram for more inspiration. 

Labels- All labels and recipe cards can be recycled with paper recycling. Please contact your local council for more information.

I have further questions, who can I speak to?

We love to hear from our customers! Please contact Jack@neaum.com for any further information or for providing feedback.