Cobble Lane Cured - Pancetta (Unsliced)


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Made from British Pork Belly, cured with pepper and rosemary and then hung and air dried in our maturation chamber for 10-12 weeks. This Italian style of meat has a light and silky texture, and  is perfect for slicing thin and enjoying by itself or integrating into many dishes for a meaty seasoning. For example use as a pizza topping, add to tomato pasta sauce to make a quick amatriciana, or add to soups and stews.

A three month matured British Pancetta. Enjoy eating as is or as an ingredient for your cooking. 

Ingredients - British Pork, Salt, Demerara Sugar, Spices, Rosemary, Garlic,  E250, E252

Contains no allergens, gluten or sulphites. Generally sent with a 6-8 week shelf life.