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Our first Ethiopian coffee of the season is grown by 38 smallholder farmers in area surrounding Bookkisa village in Ethiopia’s Guji zone, and processed at a drying station in Suke Quto owned and operated by the legendary Ture Waji of Sookoo Coffee.

The coffee is so clean and expressive, that we had to check we hadn’t received a washed coffee in error (we hadn’t!), and it has totally challenged our conceptions of what can be achieved in the cup by way of natural processing.

The lot is comprised of Gibirinna 74110 and Serto 74112, both varieties originating in the Metu-Bishari forest that were selected by the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) in the 1970s for their resistance to coffee berry disease.

The ripe coffee cherries are first of all intensively hand-sorted to separate out under-ripe and over-ripe cherries. The coffee is then immediately laid out to dry on raised beds to prevent over-fermentation. The lots are turned a minimum of six times a day over a 21-28 days period, and the beds are kept very shallow throughout (no deeper than 4cm). It is this attention to detail that Ture Waji believes results in the silky, clean and expressive profiles that his coffees are famous for.

In the cup the coffee is beautifully clean, juicy and floral, with notes of white chocolate, nectarine, and lavender.