Sugar Cane Decaf Risaralda


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Our current decaf is a regional blend of washed caturra , castillo and colombia grown in the Risaralda region of Colombia, and sourced through our long-standing import partner Raw Material. This model allows Raw Material to maximise the impact for producers in the region by bring a much larger volume of their coffee to the speciality market.

The coffee is blended in Santuario to create a consistent profile that is expressive of the best qualities of coffee from the Risaralda region. It is then sent to Descafecol in Manizales for decaffeination by way of the Natural Sugar Cane EA Process.

This process involves placing the coffee in a solution of water and ethyl acetate, a naturally occurring compound derived through the fermentation of sugar cane. Aside from resulting in the tastiest decaf coffee we have tried to date, this process also has the best sustainability credentials in comparison to other decaffeination processes that we are aware of. The carbon footprint is kept to a minimum, with the solvent being derived from the domestic sugar cane industry, and the process occurs within Colombia (as opposed to Europe or North America), which also benefits the domestic economy.

In the cup the coffee is sweet and syrupy, with notes of caramel, red apple, and a soft lemon curd acidity.